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Why you’re important

The Illinois basketball team had a memorable season in 2004-2005. Before a tough game at Wisconsin, Coach Bruce Weber wrote one word on the dry-erase board: “Believe.” And when they won, the coach said, “There’s no doubt, we’ve got some kids in the locker room who believe.” (C-U News-Gazette, 1/26/05).

Those kids were #1 because they believed and, as the
sportscasters kept saying, they played as a team.

As Christians, we also believe.

And we’re also part of a team—the body of Christ. God chooses to reach out to the world through us, the church.
We can also be #1. Through the Discipleship Tree, we can help set the pace for the nation. We can challenge church people across the country to expand their outreach to those people who are hurting.

Individually we don’t have the money that say, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, two of the richest men in the world, do.

But think of it—one Christian donating $48 and asking three others to donate and ask three, and those nine asking three more...Soon the pool of available Mission Match funds will be able to encourage hundreds and thousands of churches across the U.S. to expand mission giving.

Will you help?



The percent of 15-49-year olds who are HIV-positive in Swaziland, Africa is 38.8%.



A church in North Carolina applied to Mission Match to help raise money for its first mission trip. A delegation combined evangelism and AIDS education in Swaziland, Africa.

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