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I haven't been to church in awhile
I'm not sure I'm a Christian
I'm a student or/and in a small group


I haven't been to church in a while

Welcome to this Web site!

If you haven’t been to church in a while, you might be surprised at what’s going on.

In addition to “traditional” services, many churches have what are called “contemporary” services. There’s a different kind of music and style.

We contacted churches in Champaign County, and, as a result, we can offer you a list of churches in the area who would be happy to see you.

You can see the list based on the location of the church or by tradition or by day of the week.

Going to church is only one step in having a good relationship with God through Jesus Christ. But it sure is an important one!

Join us as we Wake the Sleeping Giant, so that the church will appreciate its, and our, potential for good.

And then be sure to “click” on the location, tradition or day list of congregations waiting to hear from you. These churches will be happy to see you and to welcome you home!









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